The Great Hunt

At the heart of The Great Hunt is one simple belief, the strongest will always thrive. The main Religion of Hirengaard, it dictates that whoever is strongest should lead, and there offspring thrive, making the world stronger. However, it also maintains the fact that those who are weak, can be made strong, with enough effort any can dominate even the strongest obstacle or opponent. The main basis is constant self improvement, to never let ones self become weak, to never allow yourself to be beaten, and to always overcome anything that may come between you and your goal.

The different aspects of The Great Hunt are embodied through the Gods of the Hunt. Each showing a particular side of what they stand for as a whole. Different sides of the Hunts Face, some say.

The Pantheon of The Hunt includes:

Sif: Guardian of the Hunt, He enforces the laws of “fair game”. These laws state that anything weak that becomes strong, deserves to stay that way, and anything strong that uses the weak to stay that way, should become weak itself. Sif also maintains that all judgement should be carried out by those who decide upon the punishment, as such Hirengaard has no executioners. A large portion of Sif’s worshipers are Militant, working as its own army to protect the laws of The Hunt, as well as the nation they stand for, as such most cathedrals dedicated to Sif look more like Fortresses. Werewolves are considered sacred in Hirengaard, due to there resemblance and connection to Sif.

Silve: Scavenger of life, She embodies the fact that all will eventually grow old and die, but in doing so will bring new life to new generations. She teaches that everything which dies, is born again as something new. Nothing can ever truly die, it simply exists in a different way than before. In this way, the people of Hirengaard believe in a form of reincarnation, though possibly not in the same form they had upon death. As well, The Gnoll is considered to be connected directly to Silve, as such they are let into society to a much greater amount, so far as to be almost completely civilized in certain areas, and neutral to all Hirengaardians.

Haram: The Patron of Chance, who dictates the minute chances that occur in the world. When the prey becomes the hunter, and the hunter the prey, Haram has decided it will be so. Some may call him luck, some chance, in the end Haram is simply the one who gives a chance to those without one. He is well known for offering the weak the ability to become strong, and the strong the ability to repent for any sins against the Hunt’s Laws. The sacred from of Haram is that of the Owl Bear, as he is said to be both a wise old owl, and a shrewd ancient bear. As such, the hunting of Owl Bear is no allowed within Hirengaard, and they are in fact sometimes tamed.

J’kar: The watcher of all, that which is always watching over everything involved with the Hunt. J’kar is said to be able to see all things, at all times, and even into the future or past. He knows what will happen, when it will happen, and why it will happen, but only rarely does he act on it. J’kar prefers to let events play themselves out, as he knows any change from himself could cause even larger issues. close followers of J’kar are sometimes given sight into the future, so far as to be able to use this ability at will, at the highest levels. The Sarli are considered to be the closest connected to J’kar, as such most of them living in Hirengaard take him as there patron god, they are as well accepted widely and happily into Hirengaardian society, being in fact the third most common race of the country, after Humans and Dwarves.

The Great Hunt

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