Hirengaard iself was formed when Lord General Schmaltzberg Iron Eye, considered to be the greatest military commander of his time and a Lord General of the Trian Empire, was tasked with conquering the country of Hirall above Tria, during the 8th era. Being the man he was, within four years general Schmaltzberg was able to entirely subjagate and conquer Hirall, using the overwhelming power of his personal Legions. After defeating Hirall, General Schmaltzberg did not wish to give up his victory to the Trian goverment, and using the remainder of the Hirallic people and his personal legions, he took what was now Hirengaard for himself. Until the 11th Era, Hirengaard was under the control of the Smatlzberg Hirallic goverment, becoming it’s own country. However, during the 11th era, High King Souvourne II of Tarentum himself led a invasion of Hirngaard once again, the remianing Trian legions in the country quickly surrendering under the sheer fury of his forces, very well known for there borderline insanity in battle. From the 11th era onward, Hirengaard became a ward of Tria, controling all the northern contenent above Tarentum and Patavium. The office of High King was given to Himschel Lipwig, under the decsions of both high kings and the Emperor. Since then, Hirengaard has been an extremely important ward to Tria, the Lipwig’s (crica 14th era) still rule Hirengaard by decision of the northern Arls.

Hirengaard (circa 14th Era) is ruled under the usual Trian “Ward” system, as both Patavium and Tarentum are. In this system, the “High King/Queen” rules the area the ward is given, under the rule of the Emperor/Empress, able to create his own “Arls” who assist him/her with governing the land they are given. The current high king of Hirengaard is Exavier Lipwig, the Lipwig family itself is well known far and wide for there Werewolf heritage. Under the Lipwig High King and the last two ruling kings, the 14th Era of Hirengaard has seen large advances in technology, boasting a rather extreme amounts of steam powered items, even going so far as to make complete suits of powered armor. Unfortunately, due to there large advances in technology, many of the surrounding countries such as Erletta attack constantly in attempts to gain it for themselves, though they are usually easily fended off.

Hirengaard is a huge mountainous region of wintry climate Directly to the north of Tarentum and Patavium. The ruling nobility of the land is composed of Werewolf, Sergal, Human, Wolven, Gnoll, and Dwarven families . There are many trolls in the distant mountains, warring against the dwarfs, but in cities such as Vilous, trolls are considered semi-sentient slaves.

Law in Hirengaard, as with the rest of Tria, is not an easy thing to enforce, with the many races present. As such, an organization was founded to insure the highest quality of law enforcement possible across the entirety of the Empire, The Watch. The Watch is in charge of enforcing the laws of The Trian Empire across all it’s scope which includes Hirengaard, and are as strong as an army in there own right. They are financed directly by the High Kings in there area, and as such can afford some things other law forces would not, such as the Drakenburg Tower, a huge fortress near the city of Vilous, dedicated to The Watch. The most major and powerful of all Tria’s laws are as follows, “Anyone one man, woman, or otherwise may commit any act they please so long as it does not in any way adversely affect another whether it be physically, mentally, financially, or otherwise, unless said person gives there full consent”. Another well known law of Tria is that of Tolerance. All species, religions, cultures, and races are readily accepted into Tria. As such, no racism, hatred of culture or belief is ever accepted for any reason.

Currently, the most common races to be seen within Hirengaard are Human, Dwarf, Wolven, Sergal, and Gnoll in that descending order. This has to do with the main religion of Hirengaard, as well as rather large respect for the Gnoll, Wolven, and Sergal races. A large part of the population of Humans are affected by Lycanthropy, however.

The main religion of Hirengaard, known as The Great Hunt, is the most highly taken, but not only religion of Hirengaard, due to the complete freedom of religion inside the Empire’s borders. Worship of Gaxkang, as with the rest of Tria, is also highly prevalent.

The technology level in Hirengaard can be seen as something resembling most things considered to be “steampunk” in nature. With quite a large assortment of Steam powered machines, such as large “Lift suits” which assist in construction by augmenting the strength of the wearer. As well, civic services are rather well developed, with most cities boasting full sewage and plumbing systems. The army of Hirengaard as well is equally as advanced, soldiers being equipped with clockwork weaponry fed from a tube like magazine, meaning most Hiregaard weapons can fire multiple shots before reloading is needed. They’re armory of closer ranged weapons is rather normal for a Trian ward, with a few exceptions such as the Thunder Sword, a electrically charged claymore, and the Flame Lance, a spear tipped with a small jet of extremely intense flame. As well, they deploy the infamous Ember Engineers, who use the art of gathering the worlds natural magical power, mana, and using it to power there machines. Generally, they prefer to fight with large two handed weaponry, while wearing suits of mana powered armor. In the words of High Engineer Alfred Guston:

“A proper gentleman need be well-educated, practice good dental hygiene, and always be prepared to set large numbers of ruffians screaming through the air in flames with a nice whack from his trusty tools of mayhem. To be a master of the melee, the foremost at fisticuffs; turning iron jaws to glass with the power of smoke and steam. This is what it takes to become an Ember Engineer.”

Hirengaard is a proud Ward of Tria, of its technology, its beliefs, Its many species, and of its power in the world. It is a Ward that has, and will exist for many years to come.


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