Black Hole Pulls

The end of a story, and the start of many more.
All things come to and end, but others may rise from them.

After regrouping in town, the party explores a cave they believe to harbor owlbears. After a bit of exploring, they were attacked by a few slimes, which were for the most part easily dispatched. However, after removing the issue of the slimes, the party heard a huge Growling hooting noise, obviously the roar of an owlbear. The noise itself came from the other side of the cave completely. Aldomin the ranger decided to stealthily explore the area the noise came from, while the rest of the party prepared for the worst at the entrance to the cave. After looking around for a time, Aldomin stumbled right into the owlbear, only barely avoiding detection, so close that even a single breath would have allowed the owlbear to detect him. After a few moments of the owlbear sniffing for him, another screech was heard behind it, most likely from its mate asking it to come back. Aldomin then snuck out of the cave, to the waiting party outside, telling them everything he learned. Johan and Joseph decided they wanted to try and tame the owlbears, as it had been something they had always dreamt of. To gain the attention of the owlbears, Aldomin fired a burning arrow into the cave, near the owlbears. They of course went to put out the fire, being intelligent enough to know about putting out fires, and went to investigate where it came from. As the owlbears approached the entrance of the cave, chewy along with Johan and Joseph showed themselves, and began trying to calm the owlbears. After some time, both owlbears were calmed down, enough that they were close to being able to be tamed by chewy, who being a sage knew rather large amounts on the subject of animal handling. However, before the owlbears could be tamed, a sudden hugely loud squeaking noise was heard outside the cave. Sirron Kcuhc who was outside the cave, alerted the party to a horde of dire rats, being driven into the cave by a team of three orcs. Upon seeing the dire rats chewy yelled “Squeakers!” and frantically told the party to run back into the cave, opposite from the owlbears. The party took his advice, Johan, Aldomin, and Joseph running into the back of the cave, and Sirron accompanied by Manfred backing off from the cave entrance. Sadly, Chewy was to slow to get away, as such five of the dire rats swarmed him, and bit him a hairs length away from death. Seeing this, all the party members in the cave, filled with zeal to save the lovable chewy, rushed into the mob of dire rats to save him. Johan and Joseph defended Aldomin while he carried Chewy into the back of the cave. During this time, the owlbears surged forward and began devouring the dire rats. The orcs, seeing Joseph, charged directly at him, thankfully he managed to avoid most of there attacks. Sirron from his vantage point outside the cave then began taking shots at the orcs, taking one of them down with a bolt through the neck. Back in the cave Johan began chopping the rats around him, while Joseph cleaved one of the other two still living orcs in half. In the back of the cave, aldomin carefully gave Chewy a Healing potion, making him weak up feeling sore, but definitely alive and able to stand. Upon waking up, chewy jumped from Aldomins hands, and in both terror and rage starts shooting the rats with magic missiles, obliterating any he hit. Sirron then charged straight at the last orc from behind, impaling him on his greatsword, while the rest of the party killed the last of the dire rats. After all the enemies had been killed, and the owlbears were busy eating there dire rat snacks, the part regrouped outside the cave entrance. After a brief discussion, the decided to train and tame the owlbears one last time. At that, they all stepped into the cave, and charmed the owlbears as none had done before, none of them even showing a hint of below excellent charming ability. Chewy, then offered the owlbears some of the rats to eat, which they happily accepted. At that, he then asked them to lay down, so he and Johan could climb on one of there backs each, with his amazing charismatic abilities and skill at animal handling, they complied happily. Sirron and Joseph then both retrieved a great axe from the dead orcs, which were in rather good condition considering there last owners. After all they had been through, Johan decided to finally leave the party, having his fill of adventure. Himself and his eternal friend chewy, rode off into the sunset, atop there owlbear mounts, while mysterious music out of thin air played for them. Sirron, Aldomin, and Joseph as well decided to go there own ways, Aldomin and Sirron to settle down, and Joseph to seek new adventures. Thus ended the story of a brave party, who had fought through unspeakable odds, and come out victorious many a time. Stories will be told of there many adventurers for as long as there are those who can tell them. It is said that Joseph was last heard to be traveling to a land one hundred miles away from Avenbrook, what he will find, none can say. All that can be said, is that adventures will continue to be had, stories be told, battles be fought, and legends be made. Who knows, Joseph may even go on to become a legend among men, with a new party, in a new land, and a new goal, who can say? His story, and those of others, carries on.

Slime, horrible slime!
Some bugs and orcs to go with that slime.

With most of the party our drinking or doing other small tasks about town,Joseph and Aldomin decided to take the local gnomes up on there offer to reclaim there city, being joined by chewy and Avalon in the process. Upon meeting the Gnome commander, they learn some Earth elementals have been causing issues for the local gnome forces trying to take back there ruined city. The four unlikely allies agreed to help the gnomes with there issue, and headed out to find the elementals. After some searching they found What seemed to be small animals which were able to meld with rocks, upon speaking to them, the strange creatures agreed to lead them in the direction of the elementals. On the way, the four allies were ambushed by a group of orcs, as well as a few giant centipedes, both of which were taken care of quickly and easily. The only true issue they encountered, was a large invisible block, which seemed very much to want to eat them, and be mostly made of slime of some form. Manfred, Josephs undead servant, was in fact nearly killed, again, by this giant brick shaped thing out of no where. Eventually, the four allies altogether managed to defeat the invisible block, steal the gold from the corpses around it, and retreat away. As to what the block was, or why it was there, they currently do not know. Possibly, they will find out soon in the future.


Two more enter while two more leave the Kobold cave…

After resting for some time and recovering from their hurts, our band of fledgling adventurers noticed that their weapon swings and techniques had become more deft and natural. Not only that but, before the wizards departed, they shared some magical insight with the newfound and beloved companion Chewie; who turned out to be a natural in the works of the Shaman Arts.

Slightly disheartened at their wizardly companions’ departure they were soon lifted in seeing a slightly creepy but happy halfing named Milo and a slightly annoyed dwarf named Dhoric Lightshield enter the cave, sent by Orcsbane himself. They decided to reenter the gobin cave and discovered that their honed abilities would crush the helpless Goblin host. Arrows and swords filled the cavern and even Chewie released his inner dragon. There are already tense feelings between the holy dwarf and the necromancer.

Johann also had a slight foresight on how their actions could affect future events. He now looks at Chewie, the only thing he has truly shown compassion for in his life, and dreads the possibility on having to choose the people of Avenbrook or Chewie’s tribe…

Twas the Night of That Day
A bard's tale of an Ogre's defeat.

’Twas the night of that day,
or really evening, so to speak.
When our heroes spotted a cave,
and decided on a peek.

They argued and rabbled and
Bickered and fought,
When a sound from their ankles cried
“I’ll go, I mean, why not?”

’Twas Melantai Thornberry,
Three feet tall measured he.
In he crept through gaping aparture
Just to peek, just to see.

The roaring of slumber
Swept through the small cave,
but all Thornberry saw
Was a chair that never shaved.

The chair with the hair
was actually a dead bear,
It caused him to stare
For it was really, quite rare.

“But then where” he asked
“is the creature that sleeps?”
Around the next corner
did he then creep and peep.

Upon a sac of gold,
surrounded with riches,
slept the greedy Ogre from ’fore
Who was in needing of big stitches.

With sneaky little feet
Did Thornberry leave the grotto,
and unto his friends he said
“All you need is to follow.”

Again in he stealthed,
Behind him a trail of black oil
Which sank into the ground
and made glistening black soil.

Upon approaching the Ogre
He cast his incantation,
Covering the beast in sticky grease;
Thornberry’s own condemnation.

The Ogre slept and slumbered,
Not an inch did he lumber.
As Thornberry exited he sneered
“This will do a number.”

The trail was lit,
The fire did soar,
and as it touched skin
The Ogre awoke with a roar.

In their positions
Our Heroes stood ready to fight
For this Ogre was NOT happy;
Not in the slight.

An arrow in the head and
a slash to the chest,
Still the foe stood,
no time for rest.

With a mighty swing
of his practically uprooted tree,
the Ogre brought the Hero Sirron
down to one knee.

Sirron panted and winced,
More than a bruise did he receive,
But like hell would he
Allow this monster to leave.

From the ground to the air
Sirron made a marvelous leap,
One count an Ogre’s head
from the single slash, he reaped.

After collecting their prizes
amongst ale and gold,
Back to their old resting ground,
The home of the Kobold.

The Kobold King was happy,
They could now live in peace.
Goblins were now powerless,
Therefor their attacks would cease.

So for another night
Our Heroes sleep tight,
But tomorrow is a new day,
A new enemy… a new fight.

The Tale of The Greedy Ogre.
Why Everyone hates Ogers.

After there time at the Kobold Caves, the party has learned of a nearby goblin infestation, which has been causing issues for the local population of the caves. After a bit of discussion, the party agreed to assist with this infestation. More importantly however, they managed to pick up a kobold willing to follow them for a bit of daily payment, they quickly named him “Chewy”. After having slept in the kobold caves for the night, the part headed out o find the goblin menace. They eventually arrived at a cave which matched the one the Koobold Chief had said contained the goblins. After some completely terrible investigation by Aldonin, which included a large amount of yelling and fumbling in the dark, the goblins were quickly alerted. The goblins however possed very little threat and were almost defeated, the part having only sustained minor damages. Before they could defeat the last goblin however, a ogre emerged from one of the cave’s many corridors. This Ogre then proceeded to beat the tar out of Sirron Kcuhc who happened to be standing close by at the time. The part then proceeded to bribe the ogre with food, gold, and some ale they happened to have. Eventually, the ogre accepted the fumbled attempts at bribery. After barely escaping the caves alive, they decided not o return to the Ogre’s lair. After some further searching, they came upon another cave entrance not far from the last. This new cave entrance however had a door, and many signs saying “come in we would love to have you for dinner”. After quite allot of knocking on the door, it was eventually opened by a group of Hobgoglins. Sirron Kcuhc quickly yelled the entire scope of his mighty lungs at them, at the time already being rather miffed about having an Ogre hit him over the head. The Hobgoblins, decided the party was not worth the effort and bolted the door shut. Thus, the adventures of this part continue, as they try to find yet another cave entrance, hopefully one filled with slightly less deadly creatures, but that is most unlikely to say the least.

Somehow even less happens this week!
Nothing but character making, and some terrible jokes.

For this week of the campaign, everything was restarted. new characters were created for all players (can be found on character tab when they are complete). This new adventure takes place after the last party arrived in Avenbrook with the mayors Daughter, thus completeing there quest. Not much besides character creation happened, in fact that is all that happened. So in other words not to much to write about this week. Besides the fact that the new party seems to have met up during the Halfling from the previous group’s execution.

This week on the burning bus, Nothing happens!
We probably could have done more, thinking about it.....

Having escaped the orc cave, made camp, slept, and saved the mayor’s son…I mean daughter….turns out she was a woman….the brave party wakes and heads to Avenbrook to deliver the majyor’s Daughter. After arriving at town, the party simply did alot of very unimportant things such as buying supplies, talking to local merchants, annoying the mayor, making half the town hate them, and eating a mule. A few notable occurances would be the Wizard having his Staff coated in metal to better conduct electricity, and the party finaly getting to level three (giving the wizard a cat, which he named Lupus III). After some time fooling around in the town, the party went to a local pub, which they were promptly thrown out of when the halfling started a fight. The next pub however they stayed at for some time, with the halfling and Cleric attempting to sleep with every woman they possibly could, while the Wizard made them pay him to be there wingman. While all this was happening the Dwarf went to his room and “totaly hit the lick on some bricks” in other words he consumed large amounts of cocaine. After a few small tasks being completed, the party settled down for the night in the tavern, the halfling in a diffrent one due to being kicked out again, and dreamt of the further adventures which awaited them. Actually, the cat just dreamt of mice, the rest of the party dreamt of the adventure, though the cleric may have been dreaming of women.

It's a Trap!

Just now:
After extreme detective skills are used by the party, they discover that the orc chieftan had a series of hidden doors leading through multiple “secret” rooms, one of which contained rather pissed-off centipedes. After making their way through said rooms the adventurers find what appears to be a continuation of the cave system, with the dwarf pointing out he seems to remember being here before. As it turns out, the party had stumbled upon the cave they had been in quite some time ago, as well as retreated from….but no matter! After scouting out the cave, the rouge finds that there is an exit, currently boarded up, as well as a room full to bursting with orcs and their incredibly terrible smells. With the help of the party, “Scribe” Harris Moren formulates a plan including a series of traps and a barricade. After all the traps had been triggered, the attcking orcs ran like the little pansies they were, though unfortunately very heavily-armed orcs emerged from a different doorway nearby. Darrek Orcsbane was originally caught off guard, but was soon saved by the rest of the party. The heavily-armed orcs had carried with them yet more riches for the party to mercilessly steal off their bodies, as well as barcelets which were distributed to each member of the party. After a good deal of searching, they discovered that, in their haste and terror, the retreating orcs had taken down the barricade at the cave exit. With that, the party simply left, leaving behind them many dead orcs, a trashed dining hall, a truck load of burning poo, and one very dead orc with his equally dead harem. The party then settled down for the night to prepare themselves for the long treck back to town with the mayors son, Jory.

Story So Far
Or, The Main Quest the Characters Like to Ignore

The party started in the town of Avenbrook, where Mayor Hastings had collected them in hopes that they could rescue his son, Jory. Jory Hastings is a successful businessman, owner of the trading company Hastings’ Haversacks, and was waylaid on his return trip home.

First session’s shenanigans:
A lot of investigation, exploration, breaking and entering, and map-making.

Second session:
Fighting lots of kobolds in the Kobold Lair

Third Session:
The party has made a tenuous deal with the Big Kobold, who offers information on the surrounding area in exchange for proof that the party has eliminated some of the kobolds’ rivals.

The party has just found Jory and killed the orc chieftain, which would be fantastic news if they were not barricaded in by a mob of very angry orcs. There does not appear to be any escape…

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