Hirengard Bone Inlay Officer Helm

A Hirengaard officer helm made partially from werewolf bone


Bone from Skull of the great Wolf “The Flayed Grey One” who in fact was the grandmother of Joseph Von Lipwig, was used to create this helm. The bone from the skull has been finely worked into the helmet, in such a way as to make it look noticeably more menacing than usual.

The helm itself is in fact Polymorph enchanted. The wearer can make themselves look like anything they please, of an equal size and shape. The reason for this helm having such an enchantment is rather obvious, the fact that werewolf would find it very helpful, should they need to disguise what they are.

It is currently being worn and used by Joseph Von Lipwig, to honor his Grandmother’s Legacy.

The secondary use of the helm is to disguise he true nature of Manfred Von Lipwig, while within towns.


Hirengard Bone Inlay Officer Helm

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