Pendant of Sif

A device of worship to Sif the Guardian


A necklace of pure Iron chain, with a Pendant depicting The God Wolf Sif, Guardian of The Great Hunt. Sif is not all that choosey about where and how his followers worship him, as such the pendant works effectively as a mobile altar, a hand held place of worship to Sif.

The pendant is however not easily gained in the least. Any who wear this pendant have been through the Trials of Sif. In this, they are made to strip themselves bear during the coldest seasons of the year, brought out to the mountains and left to die. At the end of five days, they must be both still alive, and have killed a wolf. Once they have done so, they are taken back to the Cathedral Fortress of Sif, to be anointed in the blood of the wolf they slew. At the end of the anointment, and a few blessings, they are given the Pendant of Sif, hus becoming true followers of Sif.

It is said, that through his trials and pendants such as these, Sif will purify the blood of his true followers. Giving them the true blood of a werewolf, if the blood they posses is impure.


Pendant of Sif

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