Joseph Von Lipwig

A captain of Hirengaard's strumgaurd regiment, seperated from his battalion after an attempt on his life.


At first sight, Joseph seems nothing less than Intimidating in his very presence. Hailing from Hirengaard, Tall for a High Elf, he stands at six feet four inches, allowing him to easily tower over most others. This along with what appears to a Officers Helm Inlaid with bone, explained as being from his werewolf grandmother, and his Sturmgaurd officer attire, truly make him a awe inspiring man, to many . Coming from the Ancient line of the Lipwig family, one of the most powerful noble families of Hirengaard, he is well respected in his home land. The Lipwig Line is best known for one thing, being werewolves. However for some unknown reason Joseph is unable to change on will, simply because he doesn’t know how. It has been theorized, that Joseph was simply not born knowing how to do so, and must “learn” to take on his werewolf form.

Joseph prefers to wear his Sturmgaurd captain uniform.

The Hirengard Bone Inlay Officer Helm he wears grants him the power to Polymorph at will, into anything of equal size and shape. A ability he considers extremely useful.

He is greatly assisted by his undead Man servant, Manfred Von Lipwig. Manfred, using the power of the Bone Helm, can easily be disguised as a normal human, admittedly one that doesn’t talk.

He is an ardent believer in The Great Hunt, and the Lipwig family patron god, Sif the Guardian. This can be easily seen through his Pendant of Sif.


Joseph Von Lipwig

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