A happy-go-lucky rouge who believes the lives of the wicked should be made brief.


HP 18
AC 15?
Carries a rapier, prefers his crossbow.


A young man walks into a bar.
From your seat you watch this man make his way up to the stool beside you.
“A little help friend?” he says with bright brown eyes and a bobble-head’s smile.
Once on the seat he begins talking to you, your eyes grow heavy as his stories wander without end.

Suddenly there is a woman’s scream and a loud thud as you see a lifeless body tumbles down the stairs at the back of the bar.
“Looks like I broke another one!” A hulking man says confidently smiling at the top of the stairs, blood dripping from his fist. He turns to return to his room shouting “This place needs tougher”


A short man with a bright yellow mask approaches the crumpled mass that was the man’s body. Bright brown eyes turn to you, pulling back the smiling yellow mask “A little help friend? We’ll split the bounty.”


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