"Scribe" Harris Moren

A Scribe for the Hirengaard Royal Navy, trained by the local "Maesters" in basic magic.


While not entirely the best scribe in the Hirengaard, Harris did have a special talent for finding out a way to finish any task he was given, no matter what had to happen for him to do so. He was sent to Avenbrook after the shipments of textiles from the Haversacks comapany to the city of Ort stopped. After some time adventuring around the area, he settled down to become the towns keeper of books, after he had completed his mission.


Harris is known by his peers among the Hirengaard Scribes for being a extremely joyful and humourus man, if entirely to good at everything but being a scribe. While in training he recieved signifigant teachings in religous, magical, forbidden, and natural lores, as well as multiple other subjects he would come to be known for. As well he was known to be highly multi talented, if not very good at the thing he was supposed to be doing at the time. Harris holds a passion for anything vaguely involved with the older Trian Empire, going so far as to have a collection of coins from the Third Trian Era, well regarded as some of the first standardized money to exist. After his teachings as a scribe were done, Harris attended a local institue for those who show signs of being capable of magic, which at the time he did not, however he sooner than later forced himself to do so. Before he could finish his teaching from Measter Larein (a measter being the Hirengaard equevalent of a Magic Scholar) he was sent off to Avenbrook in search of the issue with the textile shipments from the Haversacks Company. Though he was only sent to check on the company, after completing his task, he decided to bring some good old fashion education to the town, and become the local keeper of books, running his own library.

"Scribe" Harris Moren

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