Black Hole Pulls

It's a Trap!

Just now:
After extreme detective skills are used by the party, they discover that the orc chieftan had a series of hidden doors leading through multiple “secret” rooms, one of which contained rather pissed-off centipedes. After making their way through said rooms the adventurers find what appears to be a continuation of the cave system, with the dwarf pointing out he seems to remember being here before. As it turns out, the party had stumbled upon the cave they had been in quite some time ago, as well as retreated from….but no matter! After scouting out the cave, the rouge finds that there is an exit, currently boarded up, as well as a room full to bursting with orcs and their incredibly terrible smells. With the help of the party, “Scribe” Harris Moren formulates a plan including a series of traps and a barricade. After all the traps had been triggered, the attcking orcs ran like the little pansies they were, though unfortunately very heavily-armed orcs emerged from a different doorway nearby. Darrek Orcsbane was originally caught off guard, but was soon saved by the rest of the party. The heavily-armed orcs had carried with them yet more riches for the party to mercilessly steal off their bodies, as well as barcelets which were distributed to each member of the party. After a good deal of searching, they discovered that, in their haste and terror, the retreating orcs had taken down the barricade at the cave exit. With that, the party simply left, leaving behind them many dead orcs, a trashed dining hall, a truck load of burning poo, and one very dead orc with his equally dead harem. The party then settled down for the night to prepare themselves for the long treck back to town with the mayors son, Jory.


Rotheer Rotheer

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