Black Hole Pulls

Twas the Night of That Day

A bard's tale of an Ogre's defeat.

’Twas the night of that day,
or really evening, so to speak.
When our heroes spotted a cave,
and decided on a peek.

They argued and rabbled and
Bickered and fought,
When a sound from their ankles cried
“I’ll go, I mean, why not?”

’Twas Melantai Thornberry,
Three feet tall measured he.
In he crept through gaping aparture
Just to peek, just to see.

The roaring of slumber
Swept through the small cave,
but all Thornberry saw
Was a chair that never shaved.

The chair with the hair
was actually a dead bear,
It caused him to stare
For it was really, quite rare.

“But then where” he asked
“is the creature that sleeps?”
Around the next corner
did he then creep and peep.

Upon a sac of gold,
surrounded with riches,
slept the greedy Ogre from ’fore
Who was in needing of big stitches.

With sneaky little feet
Did Thornberry leave the grotto,
and unto his friends he said
“All you need is to follow.”

Again in he stealthed,
Behind him a trail of black oil
Which sank into the ground
and made glistening black soil.

Upon approaching the Ogre
He cast his incantation,
Covering the beast in sticky grease;
Thornberry’s own condemnation.

The Ogre slept and slumbered,
Not an inch did he lumber.
As Thornberry exited he sneered
“This will do a number.”

The trail was lit,
The fire did soar,
and as it touched skin
The Ogre awoke with a roar.

In their positions
Our Heroes stood ready to fight
For this Ogre was NOT happy;
Not in the slight.

An arrow in the head and
a slash to the chest,
Still the foe stood,
no time for rest.

With a mighty swing
of his practically uprooted tree,
the Ogre brought the Hero Sirron
down to one knee.

Sirron panted and winced,
More than a bruise did he receive,
But like hell would he
Allow this monster to leave.

From the ground to the air
Sirron made a marvelous leap,
One count an Ogre’s head
from the single slash, he reaped.

After collecting their prizes
amongst ale and gold,
Back to their old resting ground,
The home of the Kobold.

The Kobold King was happy,
They could now live in peace.
Goblins were now powerless,
Therefor their attacks would cease.

So for another night
Our Heroes sleep tight,
But tomorrow is a new day,
A new enemy… a new fight.


EDIT: Fixed Sirron. I’m an idiot who can’t spell things backwards.

Twas the Night of That Day

You get about a million karma dice for doing it in rhyme. :D

Twas the Night of That Day
Rotheer Rotheer

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