Black Hole Pulls

The Tale of The Greedy Ogre.

Why Everyone hates Ogers.

After there time at the Kobold Caves, the party has learned of a nearby goblin infestation, which has been causing issues for the local population of the caves. After a bit of discussion, the party agreed to assist with this infestation. More importantly however, they managed to pick up a kobold willing to follow them for a bit of daily payment, they quickly named him “Chewy”. After having slept in the kobold caves for the night, the part headed out o find the goblin menace. They eventually arrived at a cave which matched the one the Koobold Chief had said contained the goblins. After some completely terrible investigation by Aldonin, which included a large amount of yelling and fumbling in the dark, the goblins were quickly alerted. The goblins however possed very little threat and were almost defeated, the part having only sustained minor damages. Before they could defeat the last goblin however, a ogre emerged from one of the cave’s many corridors. This Ogre then proceeded to beat the tar out of Sirron Kcuhc who happened to be standing close by at the time. The part then proceeded to bribe the ogre with food, gold, and some ale they happened to have. Eventually, the ogre accepted the fumbled attempts at bribery. After barely escaping the caves alive, they decided not o return to the Ogre’s lair. After some further searching, they came upon another cave entrance not far from the last. This new cave entrance however had a door, and many signs saying “come in we would love to have you for dinner”. After quite allot of knocking on the door, it was eventually opened by a group of Hobgoglins. Sirron Kcuhc quickly yelled the entire scope of his mighty lungs at them, at the time already being rather miffed about having an Ogre hit him over the head. The Hobgoblins, decided the party was not worth the effort and bolted the door shut. Thus, the adventures of this part continue, as they try to find yet another cave entrance, hopefully one filled with slightly less deadly creatures, but that is most unlikely to say the least.


Rotheer Uncivil_The_Fox

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