Black Hole Pulls

The end of a story, and the start of many more.

All things come to and end, but others may rise from them.

After regrouping in town, the party explores a cave they believe to harbor owlbears. After a bit of exploring, they were attacked by a few slimes, which were for the most part easily dispatched. However, after removing the issue of the slimes, the party heard a huge Growling hooting noise, obviously the roar of an owlbear. The noise itself came from the other side of the cave completely. Aldomin the ranger decided to stealthily explore the area the noise came from, while the rest of the party prepared for the worst at the entrance to the cave. After looking around for a time, Aldomin stumbled right into the owlbear, only barely avoiding detection, so close that even a single breath would have allowed the owlbear to detect him. After a few moments of the owlbear sniffing for him, another screech was heard behind it, most likely from its mate asking it to come back. Aldomin then snuck out of the cave, to the waiting party outside, telling them everything he learned. Johan and Joseph decided they wanted to try and tame the owlbears, as it had been something they had always dreamt of. To gain the attention of the owlbears, Aldomin fired a burning arrow into the cave, near the owlbears. They of course went to put out the fire, being intelligent enough to know about putting out fires, and went to investigate where it came from. As the owlbears approached the entrance of the cave, chewy along with Johan and Joseph showed themselves, and began trying to calm the owlbears. After some time, both owlbears were calmed down, enough that they were close to being able to be tamed by chewy, who being a sage knew rather large amounts on the subject of animal handling. However, before the owlbears could be tamed, a sudden hugely loud squeaking noise was heard outside the cave. Sirron Kcuhc who was outside the cave, alerted the party to a horde of dire rats, being driven into the cave by a team of three orcs. Upon seeing the dire rats chewy yelled “Squeakers!” and frantically told the party to run back into the cave, opposite from the owlbears. The party took his advice, Johan, Aldomin, and Joseph running into the back of the cave, and Sirron accompanied by Manfred backing off from the cave entrance. Sadly, Chewy was to slow to get away, as such five of the dire rats swarmed him, and bit him a hairs length away from death. Seeing this, all the party members in the cave, filled with zeal to save the lovable chewy, rushed into the mob of dire rats to save him. Johan and Joseph defended Aldomin while he carried Chewy into the back of the cave. During this time, the owlbears surged forward and began devouring the dire rats. The orcs, seeing Joseph, charged directly at him, thankfully he managed to avoid most of there attacks. Sirron from his vantage point outside the cave then began taking shots at the orcs, taking one of them down with a bolt through the neck. Back in the cave Johan began chopping the rats around him, while Joseph cleaved one of the other two still living orcs in half. In the back of the cave, aldomin carefully gave Chewy a Healing potion, making him weak up feeling sore, but definitely alive and able to stand. Upon waking up, chewy jumped from Aldomins hands, and in both terror and rage starts shooting the rats with magic missiles, obliterating any he hit. Sirron then charged straight at the last orc from behind, impaling him on his greatsword, while the rest of the party killed the last of the dire rats. After all the enemies had been killed, and the owlbears were busy eating there dire rat snacks, the part regrouped outside the cave entrance. After a brief discussion, the decided to train and tame the owlbears one last time. At that, they all stepped into the cave, and charmed the owlbears as none had done before, none of them even showing a hint of below excellent charming ability. Chewy, then offered the owlbears some of the rats to eat, which they happily accepted. At that, he then asked them to lay down, so he and Johan could climb on one of there backs each, with his amazing charismatic abilities and skill at animal handling, they complied happily. Sirron and Joseph then both retrieved a great axe from the dead orcs, which were in rather good condition considering there last owners. After all they had been through, Johan decided to finally leave the party, having his fill of adventure. Himself and his eternal friend chewy, rode off into the sunset, atop there owlbear mounts, while mysterious music out of thin air played for them. Sirron, Aldomin, and Joseph as well decided to go there own ways, Aldomin and Sirron to settle down, and Joseph to seek new adventures. Thus ended the story of a brave party, who had fought through unspeakable odds, and come out victorious many a time. Stories will be told of there many adventurers for as long as there are those who can tell them. It is said that Joseph was last heard to be traveling to a land one hundred miles away from Avenbrook, what he will find, none can say. All that can be said, is that adventures will continue to be had, stories be told, battles be fought, and legends be made. Who knows, Joseph may even go on to become a legend among men, with a new party, in a new land, and a new goal, who can say? His story, and those of others, carries on.


best adventure log ever…of all time

Rotheer Uncivil_The_Fox

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