Black Hole Pulls

Story So Far

Or, The Main Quest the Characters Like to Ignore

The party started in the town of Avenbrook, where Mayor Hastings had collected them in hopes that they could rescue his son, Jory. Jory Hastings is a successful businessman, owner of the trading company Hastings’ Haversacks, and was waylaid on his return trip home.

First session’s shenanigans:
A lot of investigation, exploration, breaking and entering, and map-making.

Second session:
Fighting lots of kobolds in the Kobold Lair

Third Session:
The party has made a tenuous deal with the Big Kobold, who offers information on the surrounding area in exchange for proof that the party has eliminated some of the kobolds’ rivals.

The party has just found Jory and killed the orc chieftain, which would be fantastic news if they were not barricaded in by a mob of very angry orcs. There does not appear to be any escape…


Good show chaps, I do say!

Story So Far
Rotheer Rotheer

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