Black Hole Pulls

Slime, horrible slime!

Some bugs and orcs to go with that slime.

With most of the party our drinking or doing other small tasks about town,Joseph and Aldomin decided to take the local gnomes up on there offer to reclaim there city, being joined by chewy and Avalon in the process. Upon meeting the Gnome commander, they learn some Earth elementals have been causing issues for the local gnome forces trying to take back there ruined city. The four unlikely allies agreed to help the gnomes with there issue, and headed out to find the elementals. After some searching they found What seemed to be small animals which were able to meld with rocks, upon speaking to them, the strange creatures agreed to lead them in the direction of the elementals. On the way, the four allies were ambushed by a group of orcs, as well as a few giant centipedes, both of which were taken care of quickly and easily. The only true issue they encountered, was a large invisible block, which seemed very much to want to eat them, and be mostly made of slime of some form. Manfred, Josephs undead servant, was in fact nearly killed, again, by this giant brick shaped thing out of no where. Eventually, the four allies altogether managed to defeat the invisible block, steal the gold from the corpses around it, and retreat away. As to what the block was, or why it was there, they currently do not know. Possibly, they will find out soon in the future.


Rotheer Uncivil_The_Fox

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