Black Hole Pulls


Two more enter while two more leave the Kobold cave…

After resting for some time and recovering from their hurts, our band of fledgling adventurers noticed that their weapon swings and techniques had become more deft and natural. Not only that but, before the wizards departed, they shared some magical insight with the newfound and beloved companion Chewie; who turned out to be a natural in the works of the Shaman Arts.

Slightly disheartened at their wizardly companions’ departure they were soon lifted in seeing a slightly creepy but happy halfing named Milo and a slightly annoyed dwarf named Dhoric Lightshield enter the cave, sent by Orcsbane himself. They decided to reenter the gobin cave and discovered that their honed abilities would crush the helpless Goblin host. Arrows and swords filled the cavern and even Chewie released his inner dragon. There are already tense feelings between the holy dwarf and the necromancer.

Johann also had a slight foresight on how their actions could affect future events. He now looks at Chewie, the only thing he has truly shown compassion for in his life, and dreads the possibility on having to choose the people of Avenbrook or Chewie’s tribe…


Rotheer chixtopher

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