Black Hole Pulls

This week on the burning bus, Nothing happens!

We probably could have done more, thinking about it.....

Having escaped the orc cave, made camp, slept, and saved the mayor’s son…I mean daughter….turns out she was a woman….the brave party wakes and heads to Avenbrook to deliver the majyor’s Daughter. After arriving at town, the party simply did alot of very unimportant things such as buying supplies, talking to local merchants, annoying the mayor, making half the town hate them, and eating a mule. A few notable occurances would be the Wizard having his Staff coated in metal to better conduct electricity, and the party finaly getting to level three (giving the wizard a cat, which he named Lupus III). After some time fooling around in the town, the party went to a local pub, which they were promptly thrown out of when the halfling started a fight. The next pub however they stayed at for some time, with the halfling and Cleric attempting to sleep with every woman they possibly could, while the Wizard made them pay him to be there wingman. While all this was happening the Dwarf went to his room and “totaly hit the lick on some bricks” in other words he consumed large amounts of cocaine. After a few small tasks being completed, the party settled down for the night in the tavern, the halfling in a diffrent one due to being kicked out again, and dreamt of the further adventures which awaited them. Actually, the cat just dreamt of mice, the rest of the party dreamt of the adventure, though the cleric may have been dreaming of women.


Rotheer Uncivil_The_Fox

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